Friday, 8 January 2016

After 25 years directing a film for Mukta V. Srinivasan, "Ramanuja human listener"

After 25 years
Directing a film for Mukta V. Srinivasan
"Ramanuja human listener"
Sivaji, Rajini, Kamal, Muthuraman jeycankar, eviemrajan, jeminikanecan pantiyarajan produced and directed the film, including actors muktavicinivacan.
He came to the film industry for 70 years. For 25 years, the film had stopped running. Now back to directing a film.
Sri Ramanuja's life embraced "Ramanuja human listener", the image produced by the driver. He said about the movie
Ramanuja will act as a newcomer.
Famous actors would not be impressed with the character on the screen. The role will malunkatittu their image. That is why I intend to cast newcomers Ramanuja.
The first person to go into the temple and destroyed the only ramanujartan DHS regulation. This is my 4-5 film.
The screening will start shooting in March after three months.
Sri perumpattur, kalyanapuram, Temple, Thirukovilur, is scheduled to shoot in places like Srirangam.
Sri Ramanuja paved the way for the welfare of everyone in order to live his life on the screen for me to post that Pride முக்தா.வி.சீனிவாசன் முக்தா.வி.சீனிவாசன் So far, directed, produced images ...
Boss, four fence land, tamaraikkulam, otivilaiyatu Baba, son listen Sri ramajeyam, cinema crazy, fog, in the heart of you, for prayers, the flower, tenmalai, remember ninraval, puppetry, ayirampoy, niraikutam, arunotayam, tavapputalvan, sunflower, anpaitteti, privacy, fame and fortune, Andaman girlfriend, Imayam, he, she, it, the wicked, the sky caught, Shimla Special, parisai I'm, red sun, couple, two men, a flower of the trip, kotaimalai, Man (production only), the protagonist, promos desires, etirkarru, Brahmachari, rajapanti, vaykkoluppu, the eyes of the words, Panchali, palapariccai such images.

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