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Inji Iduppazhagi

Inji Iduppazhagi Teaser---A Fatbuster Hit

PVP Cinema’s Inji Iduppazhagi has taken the online world by storm. The teaser that was released early today went viral and has become the talking point among the netizens and general public. Evoking a mixture of humour and quirkiness, the teaser establishes the characters of Anushka and Arya. This teaser has caught the imagination of everyone who watched it and is trending online. It has generated tremendous buzz and very positive word of mouth
From the teaser it is clear that Inji Iduppazhagi is a romantic comedy between a large sized heroine and a fit and handsome hero. The teaser ends tantalizingly stating that the “weight” is over and the audio will be released on the 6th of September.
Inji Iduppazhagi has Arya and Anushka playing the lead roles ably supported by Sonal Chauhan, Urvashi, Prakash Raj, Barath and others.
Produced by PVP Cinema, Inji Iduppazhagi is directed by Prakash Kovelamudi, script by Kanika Dhillon, dialogues by RS Prasanna and Lyrics by Madhan Karky with Music by Maragathamani and Camera by Nirav Shah.

இஞ்சி இடுப்பழகி

பி வி பி நிறுவனம் தயாரிக்கும் 'இஞ்சி இடுப்பழகி'  சமூக வலைதளங்களில் மிக பெரிய தாக்கத்தை ஏற்படுத்தி உள்ளது.இன்றைக்கு வெளியான டீசர்கூட எல்லோராலும் பெரிதாக பாராட்ட படுகிறது.  நகைசுவையும், குறும்பும் ,கலவையான இந்த டீசர் ஆர்யாவின் கதாபாத்திரத்தையும் அனுஷ்காவின் கதாபாத்திரத்தையும்  ரசிகர்களுக்கு அவர்களின் கதாப்பாத்திரத்தின் தன்மையை தெளிவாக உணர்த்துகிறது.பார்த்தவர்கள் எல்லோரும் அடுத்தவரிடம் இந்தப் படத்தைப் பற்றியே பேசுவது படத்தின் வெற்றியை பறைசாற்றுகிறது.டீசரின் மூலம் இது ஒரு நகைசுவை கலந்தக் கதை என்றும் குண்டான ஒரு பெண்ணுக்கும் , உடற் தகுதியில் 100 மதிப்பெண் பெரும் வாலிபனைப் பற்றிய கதை என்பது தெளிவாகிறது.
ஆர்யாவுடன் அனுஷ்கா  இணையாக நடிக்க அவர்களுடன் சோனல் சௌஹான், ஊர்வசி,பிரகாஷ் ராஜ் , பரத் மற்றும் பலர் நடிக்கும் 'இஞ்சி இடுப்பழகி' படத்தை பி வி பி சினிமா தயாரிக்க பிரகாஷ் கொவிலமுடி இயக்கத்தில்,கனிஷ்கா  தில்லான் கதை எழுத,மரகத மணியின்  இனிமையான இசையில், ஆர் எஸ் பிரச்சனாவின் வசனத்தில், மதன் கார்க்கியின் பாடல் வரிகளில்,நீரவ் ஷாவின் ஒளிப்பதிவில் தயாரான இப்படத்தின்  இசை செப்டம்பர் மாதம் 6ஆம் தேதி வெளியாகிறது.  

Actor Vishal launches Facebook page

Actor Vishal launches Facebook page on save cattle stop killing cows by supported by MOP college students
 vishal plants 6 saplingsinside MOP college premises to create more awareness on Go Green .
vishal And Susendharan conducts a work shop on acting And direction for media students Of MOP College 

மேலும் பல சமுக சேவை அமைப்புகளுடன் இனைந்து பணியாற்றும் நடிகர் "புரட்சி தளபதி  விஷால்" !!

                             புரட்சி தளபதி விஷால் அவர்கள் எம்.ஒ.பி கல்லூரி மாணவிகளின் ஆதரவுடன்  இனைந்து "Save cattle stop & killing cows"  ( கால்நடை பாதுகாப்பு மற்றும் பசுக் கொலை தடுப்பு குழு) என்னும் பேஸ்புக் பக்கத்தை ( முகப்புத்தக பக்கத்தை ) இன்று காலை அக்கல்லூரியில் ஆரம்பித்து வைத்தார். மேலும் நடிகர் விஷால் அவர்கள் Go Green யை பற்றிய விழிப்புணர்வை மாணவர்களுக்கிடையே ஏற்படுத்தும் நோக்கத்தில் எம்.ஒ.பி கல்லூரியின் வளாகத்தில் ஆறு மரக்கன்றுகளை நட்டினார். மேலும் நடிகர் விஷால் அவர்கள் பேசும் போது நான் இதை போன்ற நல்லவிஷயங்கள் செய்வதை யாரேனும் விளம்பரத்துக்காக செய்கிறேன் என்று கூறினால் அது தவறு , நான் இங்கு மாணவர்களோடு இணைந்து கால்நடைகள் பாதுகாப்பு அமைப்பில் பணியாற்றும் போது நிச்சயம் மக்களை அது எளிதாக சென்றடையும் , இதை பார்த்து  பலர் இந்த அமைப்போடு இனைந்து இந்த நல்ல நோக்கத்துக்காக பணியாற்றுவார்கள்  என்பது தான் காரணம். நானும் இயக்குனர் சுசீந்திரன் அவர்களும் இனைந்து இயக்கம் மற்றும் நடிப்புக்கான பயிற்சிப்பட்டறை ஒன்றை எம் .ஒ.பி கல்லூரி மாணவிகளுக்காக வழங்கவுள்ளோம் என்று கூறினார்.

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80's Actors re union

The 6th edition of the 80's Actors re union

The 6th edition of the 80s actors re union was celebrated in Nina Reddys guest house in olive beach, Chennai on 29th august.

Suhasini, Lissy and Kushbu collaborated successfully in arrangements hosting and inviting guests

The theme was Moulin Rouge

The house was decorated in true French styles in red gold and neon, red carpets red velvet cakes red macaroons and red roses and red friendship bands welcomed the 34 guests who were dressed according to the theme …..Red and Beige were the color of attire …All women were dressed in designer were in RED

     …The house resembled the red hues of Moulin rouge  Paris with red candles and reddish mood lighting ….in the sun deck and red lantern lit the pool with gobos circulating theme of 80s actors logo and Moulin rouge logo …..

 The new guests for this year were stars from Bollywood 80s too like Jackie shroff, Poonam Dhillon and Swapna who worked in South Indian films

Jayasudha from Hyderabad

Rehman and Parvathy from Kerala and

Satyaraj and Bhagyaraj from Chennai

The evening started with a welcome and a photo opp in the façade of a mouline rouge embossed red velvet and gold neon back drop specially created. They passed thru the stairs decorated with red and red dotted pom poms hand made by the female actors …and candles lit in red glasses on the side of a winding staircase that lead them to a sprawling deck with gabbanas and gazebos decorated with red stenciled and chinese and French red lanterns

The gusets were shown a 10 minute audio visual of the intro to 80s actors club and the past celebration , inviting 2015s new entrants and leading them to the Moulin rouge party …Gifts were distributed to all and specially to the gorgeously dressed women  and the very important portrait pictures were clicked by stills Ravi …who is a favorite of all stars from 80s

The party started with karaoke singing of Sumaltha , Jackie and Jayasudhas renditions of 80s western pop hits and moved onto Hindi songs and Tamil and Malayalam songs by Mohanlal and Suhasini

The dance floor was kicked off with  a  mesmerizing dance by Poornima, Suhasini and Menaka from Shaukeen called  Manali Trance

Highlight was the Lungi dance where Kushbu distributed Lungis to all .. And every star danced wearing lungis … Jackie Shroff took all the 12 lungis back to Bombay as a memorabilia

The finale was a broad way like act where Kushbu Suhasini and Jaishree were dressed like French dancers in black and white with black hats and red feather stoles …They spontaneously invited Mohanlal Chiranjeevi Venkatesh to the floor and the men danced and jived too

At the stroke of
 midnight a special 80s cake was cut and 2nd cake celebrating more than 7 ppl who celebrate august birthdays

Mohanlal does a magic show every year and this year was his magic trick of levitation …. every year he attempts …so far no success   This year too tried with Kushbu as the volunteer but failed    But he refused to leave until he succeeded …Sarath kumar was the candidate  and the levitation actually happened everyone cheered him   Mohanlal succeeded in his magic trick this year.

The party continued till Poonam and Jackie Sumalatha Mohan lal Revathy were dropped at the airport to take their respective national and international flights

The arrangements took 10 days of Suhasini, Kushbu and Lissy’s time and efforts to bring the classy themed re union

They parted at wee hours of the morning planning to meet again next year in a new destination

The stars who attended

1. Chiranjeevi

2. Mohan lal

3. Venkatesh

4. Bhagyaraj

5. Satyaraj

7. Prabhu

8. Mohan

9. Sarath Kumar

10. Naresh

11. Prathap pothen

12. Jairam

13. Rehman

14. Suman

15. Rajkumar

16. Jacike shroff

17. Bhanuchander


1. Lissy

2. Kushbu

3. Suhasini

4. Sumalatha

5. Sarita

6. Radha

7. Radhika

8. Ramya Krishnan

9. Poornima

10. Menaka

11. Parvathy

12. Jaishree

13. Revathy

14. Jayasudha

15. Swapna

16. Poonam
17. Shobana 

10 Endrathukulla finishes the climax shoot

 10 Endrathukulla finishes the climax shoot; all set for a grand release on 21st October

10 Endrathukulla' is working on a dead line and deadly pace. After finishing the Rajasthan schedule earlier this week, the shooting got wrapped up today in chennai, thus completing the final schedule of the much anticipated film. Tipped to be one of the biggest crowd pullers of the year, 10 endrathukulla starring Vikram and Samantha in the lead, and directed by Vijay Milton started it's campaign earlier this month with the teaser, which received a stupendous response. The music will be released in September and '10 endrathukulla' will have a grand worldwide release on Ayudha Pooja day.

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Directors S.S.Rajamouli and Gowtham Menon

S.S.Rajamouli and Gowtham Menon Chief Guests at L.V.Prasad Film & TV Academy Convocation Day

On the 10th Year Anniversary of L.V.Prasad Film & TV Academy, Mr.S.S.Rajamouli was the Chief Guest at the Convocation Day which was held on 22nd August 2015 at Prasad Film Labs Preview Theater, Chennai. Mr.Gowtham Vasudev Menon was the Guest of Honor at this function. The function started at 4 pm to a packed house and the event was loaded with interesting information, experiences and interaction.

Thirty seven students of L.V.Prasad Film & TV Academy received their Diploma Certificates from Mr.SS.Rajamouli and Mr.Gowtham Menon. Mr.Rajamouli in his address to the students mentioned about his early days wherein how a show of confidence made him a leader. He shared his experiences as a film maker with the assembled students. Later he addressed an interactive session with the students where he enthusiastically answered all their questions with a blend of humor and seriousness. Mr.Gowtham Menon and Mr.Rajamouli had a lively interaction between themselves where both displayed their admiration for each other.

The annual awards for the Diploma Films in the Film Direction category were announced by Mr.R.Shivakumar who has directed the recent Tamil hit ‘Indru Netru Naalai’.

The First Prize for Film Direction went to Samragni for film name Chori. The second and third prizes went to Shrunkar Dadarkar and  Aravind for the films Aara and Broken Image respectively.

The annual awards for the Diploma Films in the Cinematography category were announced by Mr.Omprakash who is the Director of Photography for various films including Aarambam, Anegan and Maari. The First Prize for Cinematography went to  Jithin Stanislaus for the film Telephone. The second and third prizes went to Priyank Sharma and Magesh for the films Aara and Thalaivan Irukkiraan respectively.

The annual awards for the Diploma Films in the Film Editing category were announced by Mr.Leo John who has edited various films including Attakathi, Sarabham and Mundasupatti. The First Prize for Film Editing went to Surya Prakash for the film Chori. The second and third prizes went to Ravikumar and Thejasvi for the films Broken Image and Aara respectively

The annual awards for the Diploma Films in the Sound Design category were announced by Mr.D.Yuvraj who has mixed sound for more than 600 films in his career spanning several decades in AVM and Prasad Studios. Yuvraj is the recipient of the National Award for sound mixing for the film ‘Swapanam’.
The First Prize for Sound Design went to Gokul Krishnan for the film Broken Image. The second and third prizes went to Karthick Raja and Thejasvi for the films Aara and Thalaivan Irukkiraan respectively.

L.V.Prasad Film & TV Academy has been in the forefront of film education for the past ten years and more than 300 students have passed out to establish themselves successfully in the film industry. Some of them include Film Director Balaji Mohan, DoP Krishnan Vasant and Film-maker RS Prasanna. The Academy offers two year post graduate diploma courses in Film Direction and Cinematography. An undergraduate Diploma in Film Editing & Sound design is also offered. Apart from this LV Prasad Film & TV Academy also organizes short term courses. At present an 8 weekends (16 days) course in Digital Film Making is about to start from 29th August 2015. Coming up in September 2015 is another short term course of Digital Cinematography.

Baahubali- The Beginning

“Baahubali- The Beginning” at Busan International Film Festival, 2015, (BIFF) Busan, South Korea

“Baahubali: The Beginning”, India’s biggest motion picture, will be screened in the Open Cinema category of the 20th Busan International Film Festival, to be held this year in Busan, South Korea from Oct. 1 to Oct. 10.

“Baahubali: The Beginning”, the first of a 2-part epic drama, was directed by the S. S. Rajamouli and produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni of Arka Mediaworks. 

Released on July 10th 2015, “Baahubali: The Beginning” has shattered numerous records and today it is the highest domestic grosser in the history of Indian Cinema.
The 'International Cut' of "Baahubali - The Beginning" has been completed by editor Vincent Tabaillon of “Taken 2”,” Incredible Hulk” and “Transporter 2” fame and  will be screened at BIFF.

Busan International Film Festival, founded in 1996, is one of the most prestigious film festivals in Asia. Showcasing new innovative cinema and supporting new talent has been the focus of this event since the beginning. Busan IFF 2015 will feature a total of 304 films from 75 countries – of which, 121 will be World and International premieres.

Sylvia Chang, respected actress and director from Taiwan, will be this year’s head juror, along with other well known personalities such as Anurag Kashyap, Kim Tae-yong, etc.

Open Cinema Section of BIFF strives to feature works of wide popularity and success. A few other films that are to be screened within this category include the Chinese box-office hit “Monster Hunt”, Miyazaki Hayao’s classic animation “My Neighbor Totoro” and a Taiwanese youth melodrama “Our Times”.

“Baahubali: The Beginning” is scheduled for indoor screenings on Oct. 4 and Oct 7, and an outdoor screening on Oct. 9.

S. S. Rajamouli will be at the screening of “Baahubali: The Beginning” on Oct. 4, which will be followed by a special Q & A session with the Korean audience and media.

Accham Yenbathu Madamaiyada

Accham Yenbathu Madamaiyada

The combination of AR. Rahman, STR and Gautham Vasudev menon is back with achcham yenbathu madamaiyada.  Releasing today after 4pm is a teaser 'that will definitely leave you wanting to know more and about what happens next in the film' says the team behind the production.  This is a teaser that showcases the ease about STR as an actor and Rahman's music that will teasingly tug at your heart strings. The song featured in the teaser is undoubtedly a special number and is one of the 6 songs that will adorn this musical and action film. The film is under production and nearing completion and expected to hit the screens in November 2015.

அச்சம் என்பது மடமையடா
இசை அமைப்பாளர் ஏ .ஆர்.ரகுமான், எஸ் டி ஆர்,கௌதம் வாசுதேவ மேனன்  ஆகியோர்  'விண்ணை தாண்டி  வருவாயா' படத்தின் மாபெரும் வெற்றியை தொடர்ந்து தங்களது வெற்றிப் பயணத்தை 'அச்சம் என்பது மடமையடா' படம் மூலம் துவங்க உள்ளனர்.இன்றைக்கு மாலை 4 மணிக்கு வெளிவர இருக்கும் இந்தப் படத்தின் டீசெர் 'அடுத்தது என்ன ...' என்ற ஆர்வத்தை ரசிகர்கள் இடையே வரவைக்கும்.எஸ் டி ஆரின் ஆளுமையும், ரகுமானின் மனத்தைக் கொஞ்சும் இசையும் நம் மனதில் என்றென்றும் ரீங்காரமிடும்.இன்றைக்கு வெளி ஆகும் டீசெரில்  இடம் பெற்று உள்ள பாடல், படத்தில் இடம்பெற்று உள்ள முத்தான ஆறு பாடல்களில் ஒன்று.இசைக்கும் பரபரப்பான  action காட்சிகளுக்கும் முக்கியத்துவம் கொடுத்து எடுக்க படும் 'அச்சம் என்பது மடமையடா'  படத்தின் இறுதிக்கட்ட படப்பிடிப்பு முடிந்து, நவம்பர் மாதம்  வெளிவர தயாராக இருக்கிறது.