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Mission impossible


Scale – epic, heart-hammering scale – has been at the heart of “Mission: Impossible” since the original television series, which took viewers on grand escapades that broke the boundaries of television’s usually narrow scope.  Adding to it in an era when audiences have seen so much in the way of dazzling effects and clever stunts Mission Impossible; Rogue Nation is all set to raise the bar higher and higher.

Distributed by Viacom18 Motion Pictures in India, the film is set to release on 7th August 2015.
The answer, says Christopher McQuarrie, is to not think about the bar at all.  Instead, think about telling the story in the most visceral, uncompromising way you can. “I think a big component of how we approached this was to not talk about comparisons,” he counters.  “You can see that the Torus sequence follows in the tradition of the Langley Heist that Brian De Palma did in the first film; or the A400 plane sequence follows in the tradition of the BurjKhalifa climb in ‘Ghost Protocol’; or the Morocco motorcycle chases follow in the footsteps of John Woo’s climactic chase in ‘Mission: Impossible II.’ But I think trying to compare them is apples to oranges.  The more important question is:  am I doing the continuation of the story in ‘Rogue Nation’ justice?  The thing we’ve seen is that it’s not only about creating spectacles. We found that the more intimate we made this film, the greater the audience investment was, and the higher the stakes, in every scene.”

Nevertheless, the sequences McQuarrie mentions most certainly did push cast and crew to places they never even foresaw going.

For Cruise, the hands-on work begins early:  every single “Mission: Impossible” film kicks off with a period of intensive physical preparation.  Only this time he had to start anew, honing skills that haven’t come into play before.  “The way I work on ‘Mission’ movies is that I like to spend months and months and months ahead of time prepping every sequence, really breaking them down and sectioning off the proper time for the physical training,” he explains.  “I go into each movie expecting tolearn new things and learning new ways of doing things where I already have skills.”

With the A-400 stunt, Cruise may have already topped the list until even more physically demanding stunt – holding his breath for several minutes at a time while carrying out an audacious heist inside the under-water Torus facility.

Ethan Hunt has broken into secure facilities before, but this one takes the cake as Ethan must plunge into a hyper-secure, deep-water facility – without the noise-making scuba gear that would give him away.   “The Torus is like an incredible underwater obstacle course,” says Jake Myers.  “It’s something audiences haven’t seen anywhere before.”   

Cruise is no stranger to underwater work, but decided to literally go to new depths in his training so as to make the sequence as lung-bustingly real as possible. 

''My big question about this scene was:  how can we make it even more tense for an audience -- and have them experience what it’s like to hold your breath for that long, long period of time?  We had this great design for the Torus that Jim Bissell came up with and these great ideas Chris had, and I felt the performance had to stand up to that,” Cruise comments. 

To get that kind of performance, Cruise began in intensive apprenticeship in free diving – sometimes called the “world’s most dangerous sport” – in which elite athletes dive to depths greater than 200 feet with no mechanical equipment or oxygen, risking hallucinations, blacking out, dreaded “lung squeezes” and getting the bends.  Despite the peril, the true masters of the technique have turned it into a meditative art form, carefully calibrating their internal metabolisms and learning to slow their heart rates to the point that they can survive at depths many used to think was indeed impossible. 

Cruise trained diligently on both timed breath-holds and underwater maneuvers with veteran athletes in Florida and the Cayman Islands, building up to a 40-meter free dive.  But his aim was different than most.  Rather than simply learning to relax in an oxygen-less state, he needed to learn how to carry out a complex action sequence without air.

“I have to say physically, it was without a doubt the most challenging aspect of this film,” Cruise states.  “We were doing long shots and when your body is moving that much it is burning oxygen much faster so there was just a lot of physical stress. Physically what it did to me was quite interesting … what I went through doing that -- it took me much longer to recover from than any other sequence.” 

Cruise admits that the stunt team had to be convinced that such prolonged breath-holding wouldn’t be too grave a danger.  “They didn’t feel comfortable initially because typically in movies, an underwater sequence might involve someone holding their breath for 10, 15 seconds max,” the actor explains.  “So I had to prove to everyone that not only is this safe, but it’s far better that I’ve learned these techniques for long breath-holds because now, I’m going to be very relaxed about it.  In terms of the breath-holding, everything was always under control, but physically it was very grueling.  I had pain in my tendons from doing so many takes like that.  But it was also really fascinating to me. I learned so much about my body and how it works.” 

The sequence summed up what has made Tom Cruise and Ethan Hunt an inseparable pair. As they say, Tom makes movies for audiences. He doesn't make them for himself.

முன் எப்போதும் கண்டிடாத டாம் க்ரூஸின் ஆழ்கடல் சாகசம் : மிஷன் இம்பாசிபிள்-5

டாம் க்ரூஸ் நடிப்பில் கிரிஸ் மெக்குவாரி இயக்கியுள்ள மிஷன் இம்பாசிபிள் தொடரின் ஐந்தாம் பாகம் ஆகஸ்ட் 7 ஆம் தேதி உலமெங்கும் வெளியாகவுள்ளது. படத்திற்கு படம் வித்தியாசமான சாகசங்களை மேற்கொள்ளும் டாம் க்ரூஸ் ‘மிஷன் இம்பாசிபிள்:முரட்டு தேசம்’ (MissionImpossible: Rogue Nation) திரைப்படத்தில் கார், பைக், விமானம் என பல சாகசங்களை செய்துள்ளார்இந்தியாவில்  Viacom18 மோஷன் பிக்சர்ஸ் நிறுவனம் வெளியிடும் இப்படம் மிஷன் இம்பாசிபிள்:முரட்டு தேசம்’ என்று தமிழில் வெளியாகவுள்ளது.  

இயக்குனர் கிரிஸ் மெக்குவாரி மிஷன் இம்பாசிபிள்-5 படத்தில் டாம் க்ரூஸின் சாகசங்களைப் பற்றி கூறும்பொழுது “ மிஷன் இம்பாசிபிள் தொடரின்  முந்தைய பாகங்கள் வெவ்வேறு விதமான ஆச்சர்யம் ஊட்டும் சாகசங்களை காட்சியாய் கொண்டு இருந்தது. கதாநாயகன் க்ரூஸ் நடித்திருக்கும் ஈத்தன் ஹன்ட் எதற்கும் துணிந்தவன் என்பது அனைவரும் அறிந்ததே. இப்படத்தில் இடம் பெற்றிருக்கும் A400 விமானத்தில் தொங்கும் காட்சி ரசிகர்களை கண்டிப்பாக உறைய வைக்கும். இருப்பினும் டாம் க்ரூஸ் யாரும் தன்னை எளிதில் மதிப்பிட விடமாட்டார். மிஷன் இம்பாசிபிள்:முரட்டு தேசம்’ படத்தில் எல்லா வற்றையும் கடந்து தன் மூச்சை அடக்கி கொண்டு நீருக்கு அடியில் பல மணி துளிகள் நடித்துள்ளார்.” எனக் கூறினார்.

“நான் ஆழ் கடலில் நீந்தி உள்ளேன். இவ்வாறு மூச்சை அடக்கி அடக்கி கொண்டு 200 அடி ஆழத்தில் நடித்தது இல்லை. நீருக்கு அடியில் இப்படி நடிப்பது சற்று கடினமாகாவே இருந்தது. எனினும் எனது தீவிர பயிற்சி இத்தகைய காட்சியில்  நடிப்பதை சாத்தியமாக்கியுள்ளது. மற்ற கடினமான காட்சிகளைக் காட்டிலும் இக்காட்சியில் நடித்தது மிகவும் ஆச்சர்யமாக இருந்தது. எனது உடலை பற்றி நிறைய விஷயங்களை கற்று எனது பயிற்சி கற்று தந்தது” என டாம் க்ரூஸ் கூறினார்.  

I will Never quit cinema: Trisha


Trisha has mentioned that she will not retire from films. She while speaking said, “ I am not acting for the sake of money. If money was the criteria I would have accepted all the films that came my way. I did not see like that.
I accepted the film only if it had a good role and story. If we give importance to money, we cannot sustain ourselves in the field. I am in the film industry for the past 13 years. So far I have acted in 48 films.
It is not important about numbers but quality is important. Then only we can have good relations with the fans and people. There is no need for me to retire from cinema. I am getting good roles. Hence I will continue to act in films. Many actresses are even acting after their marriage.”


Vijay Sethupathi's Orange Mittai will be distributed by PRIME Media in the USA. It is said to be a comedy film which features Vijay Sethupathi as a 65 year old man. Ramesh Thilak also plays a pivotal role.

Orange Mittai is directed by Biju Viswanath and music is by Justin Prabhakaran. The audio is well-received by the audience. The film has received a clean U certificate and it will be released in a handful of screens in the USA from tomorrow, the 31st of July.

Check out the theatre list details below

And for Trade Inquiries contact PRIME Media @ 408-905-6244 or email @

Theater NameAddress
Arizona Mills 255000 S Arizona Mills Cir, Tempe, AZ 85282
Towne3 Cinemas1433 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126
Cinemark Orange & XD1701 W Katella Ave, Orange, CA 92867
Buckland Hills 18 + IMAX99 Redstone Rd, Manchester, CT 06042
Aakash Cinemas10743 Alpharetta Hwy, Roswell, GA 30076
MovieMax Cinemas9180 W Golf Rd, Niles, IL 60714
Apple Cinemas168 Alewife Brook Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02138
Cinemark Movies 1628600 Dequindre Rd, Warren, MI 48092
Carmike Cinemas15630 Cedar Ave, Apple Valley, MN 55124
Movie City 81655 Oak Tree Rd, Edison, NJ 08820
Park Place 169525 Chapel Hill Rd, Morrisville, NC 27560
Arysley Cinemas9110 Kings Parade Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273
Regal Mccarthur8505 Walton Blvd, Irving, TX 75063
Cinemark Movies 165063 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229
Roxy Cinemas25 S Grady Way, Renton, WA 98057
DC Cinemas7291 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22042

Shruti Haasan ready to promote Srimanthudu


As the release day is in the offing, the buzz for Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film Srimanthudu gets intensified. The film’s audio, which was given by Devi Sri Prasad, is making good waves in the market. The trailers and the posters have caught up well with the audience and expectations are quite high on this film.
Already, the film’s promotions have kick started and Mahesh Babu is busy promoting the film. He had been interacting with various media outlets from the past few days and revealing some interesting fact of the movie. Now, Sruthi Haasan, who will be seen as Mahesh’s love interest in Srimanthudu, will join the extensive promotion campaign in a short while. She announced that she will soon land in Hyderabad and get involved in the promotions.
Currently, she is busy shooting for Tala Ajith’s upcoming film in the direction of Siruthai Siva.

Prabhu Deva enters Film Production in style

Prabhu Deva, the man with perfect steps, creating success in all arena such as Acting, Choreography and Direction, is now all set to Producing films! The Pan Indian Icon has started his own private limited production house named ‘PRABHU DEVA Studios’. Looks like, The production house is vibrant already with its trend-setting logo and is all set to announce their first set of films on 3rd of August.

“Prabhu Deva Studios have a determined vision of producing high quality content oriented cinema. We will be widening our horizons to other language films too. The production house have a team of highly qualified professionals with wide experience. I always felt that creative talent should not be curtailed to regional or linguistic limits, and my company Prabhu Deva Studios will spear head this mission with immediate effect. We are announcing an amalgamation of quality projects. Couple of big names and couple of raw talent will put Prabhu Deva Studios in the orbit of talent hunting. We would be working towards getting the new, bright and young minds to limelight in all possible ways. ” voiced Prabhu Deva, the multi-faceted gentle man with a new found face as a producer.

தயாரிப்பாளர் ஆகிறார் பிரபு தேவா

நடனம்நடிப்பு மற்றும் இயக்கம் என தனது ஒவ்வொரு அசைவிலும் வெற்றியைக் கண்டு வரும் பிரபு தேவா தயாரிப்பாளராக உருவெடுக்க உள்ளார். தனது தயாரிப்பு நிறுவனத்திற்கு ‘Prabhu Deva Studios’ என பெயர் வைத்துள்ளார் பிரபு தேவா. நிறுவனத்தின் Logo முதற்கொண்டு தங்கள் உத்வேகத்தை பதிவு செய்யும் வகையில் அமைத்து இருக்கும் ,பிரபு தேவா ஸ்டுடியோஸ் பிரைவேட் லிமிடெட் நிறுவனம்,  தாங்கள் தயாரிக்கவிருக்கும் படங்களை பற்றிய அறிவிப்பை ஆகஸ்ட் 3ஆம் தேதி அறிவிக்க உள்ளனர்.

 சர்வதேச தரத்தில் கதையம்சம் உள்ள திரைப்படங்களை ‘பிரபு தேவா ஸ்டுடியோஸ்’ தயாரிக்க திட்டமிட்டுள்ளது. தமிழ் மட்டுமல்லாது மற்ற மொழி திரைப்படங்களையும் தயாரிக்க திட்டமிட்டு உள்ளோம். தமிழ் திரை உலகில் திறமைக்கு பஞ்சமே இல்லை. தேர்ந்தஅனுபவமுடைய பலரை கொண்டிருக்கிறது. திறன் வாய்ந்த கலைஞர்கள்,படைப்பாளிகள் மொழிப்ராந்தியம் என குறுகிய வட்டத்தில் சிக்கி கொள்ளக்கூடாது அவர்கள் நாடெங்கும் சென்று  தங்களது திறமையை வெளி காட்ட வேண்டும்.நல்ல படைப்பாளிகளை தேர்ந்து எடுத்து  வெவ்வேறு இடங்களுக்கு இட்டு செல்வதில் முனைப்பாக செயல்படும் 'பிரபு தேவா ஸ்டுடியோஸ்' என கூறுகிறார் பன்முகம் கொண்ட பிரபு தேவா. 

Kriti Sanon Launches Valvate Case Website