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Ponniyin Selvan Trailer Launch Stills

Written by Kalki 'ponniyinselvan cellavan "This is a long historical novel, is now 120 minutes for full 2-D tiraippatamaki. 

'Ponniyinselvan cellavan' wacky nature of the story animated films yotum Preparing constant flow of the original story. Caravanaraja produced in conjunction with the 5 Elements entarteynar and prosperous state. MR. Karthikeyan directed. Pilen doing the editing. 

Today, on the occasion of the film's preview film director SP. Jananathan release the Tamil Nadu Agriculture Department Director Rajendra IA: S. Received. 

Speaking on the occasion, producer caravanaraja "kalyanamalaimokan who have come here, Rajendra IA: S., Madan famous cartoonist, filmmaker called SP when everyone heard the reason. That's because all the qualified relation is called.. The reason I come with joy saying agreed. 

All of these movies, animation, people who have a history of being involved with the festival. This three-year project. Ended 7 months. There are 2 years and 4 months in the rest of .2017 upcoming Disney film, Pixar is parallel to the company at a cost of around 20 million production develops. The crew of 150 people working in animesan 'ponniyinselvan "We hope to create a new dimension in film animation film 

Many questions arise about the quality. Coming; Yet from time to time to provide an answer as to the quality of 2, 3, unveiled the trailer. '' He said. 

Wedding Mohan said: 

"I caravanarajavai air flew during the vimanattiltan met. Confront just fine, are you there is. This is fine in clarifying who the loser was. He was speaking during the film told the story. The old kataiyacce nodded. Old said to convince our job? Initiative by the 'ponniyinselvan cellavanai' next generation taking community. The goal of the wish to win over. "he said. 

Movie director SP while talking: 

"This is an important event in the history of animation effort. This is a serious matter. Emjiare and wanted to take it. 
In the beginning I worked as a computer graphics animation tirintavantan paittiyamakat. 

History colarkala wondered mikapperiyatuperaciriyar nanacampantan said in a message. Chola Navy's big. Now is ticaikatta tool. Payanpatuttinarkalam tevankai know the direction. 

It always parkkumam west towards. The ship used in the West to the parkkumam kuttiyumkuta born to nurture it. Look at what a scientific accuracy. I am ready to help in this effort as possible. '' He said. 

When we speak of the famous cartoonist and writer Madan 
'' The challenge to take the picture. Even 'colossal ponniyinselvan celvanaianimesan picture taking even bigger challenge. This is the biggest thing in everything. 

Viranakat seems so much bigger than this will produce caravanaraja vantiyatvenai. Around 2500 there were many thousands of pages of the book 10 times patittavarkale. As they talk all Authority 

During the forced move. Everest was climbed Everest since Edmund Hillary climbed erine told why. It was the time of issue of the forced tienpatu .3. But 2-D with many facilities. Spielberg's 'Tintin' was made in 3-D on the question. Layankin hit, jankilpuk yilparttu everything will be 2-D. 

Another generation is going to get to come to this effort. The role of the bite alvark vatakalaiya the name? Tenkalaiya? Kalavarame going to cause controversy in the state atarkakat. Kanchipuram temple elephant vatakalaiya already dropping the name? Tenkalaiya? Carccaiyaki went to court. It's like a great big job tancaip kattiyataip largest temple work, to complete the building. Saying, "Peace be with you. 

IAS Rajendran. When we speak: 

"It was noticed that the effort to emjiare. 'Ponniyinselvan' story mutalattiyayam month Jul 18 Jul start indeed. 

Jul jesta month after month, agreed that, in Pest. Mankalamatamakave atimatam considered until the 8th century. 9 th, 10 th century changed that bad month. Worship the goddess was worshiped as jestatevi out. Lakshmi worshiped got younger. 

Large Chola empire. Vamcamtan Chola dynasty ruled the world 433 years from 846 to 1279. 

Chola Nadu display can show pride in the world. Creepy, administration, art, heroism regime, architecture, literature is not everything. 

When the great temple built tancaip itunan raised temple rajarajan says. 
That is written in many places rajarajan built. Rajarajan proper administrator. Rajarajan niraintavan historical knowledge. 
Everything is done properly recorded. In this connection, there are numerous ceppetukal. There anaimankalam ceppetukal. Makankalattu karantai pads on Sep 56, tiruvalankatu ceppetukal, 
Thiruchengodu ceppetukal includes 8. Keep them neatly define Kalki. 

It comes in the name of the story vatakalaiya alvarkkatiyan? As tenkalaiya Madan asked. If you can hear me say tenkalaiye. If you belonged to the anirutta pirammarayar anpilaic. His mother puts on tankattat cappituvaram unavaittan Perumal. 
Anirutta pirammarayar South. So that could be his disciple alvarkkatiyanum tenkalaiyakave. 

If appropriate, it has Jananathan here rajarajan enenr jananatanum one of the 15 names. 

Janakai colavantan Madurai Mariamman Temple is near. What if janakai jananata Mangalam tanam 
Kannagi Temple in Kumily border kerala border rajarajan since the building of the border with Pakistan, as some nervous Tamils ​​have to go and worship. Malayali 1 liter, 2 littartannir violence do not go into the bottle. Kerala is the habit of lying kevalap torravarkalaik Parasuraman king. Parasuraman then until the present day Malayalam kevalap continues to lie down. We are going to Kerala from Tamil Nadu for 300 in their everyday and vegetable pesticide testing is now stopped and detained. '' Thus Spoke Rajendran IAS. 

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