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Trisatan no doubt my favorite actress! - Victory Ravi

Trisatan no doubt my favorite actress! - Victory Ravi 

Ravi said that no doubt the victory trisatan my favorite actress. Evolutionists to detail. 

Jayam Ravi, Trisha, Anjali, Suri, Duke, the film starring Radha Ravi 'master of all Kala'. Formerly 'appatakkar that the name change has now been placed. 
This is the 27th film produced by Lakshmi Movie Makers Company has evolved. 

Directed by Suraj. Today's press conference was held at Prasad Labs movie theater. 

Speaking on the occasion of the film's hero Jayam Ravi '' the 'master of all Kala' titled .But I do not know that arukataiyanavana the 'Gal vallavanveru all; The "Gal vallavanveru all. 'Appatakkar' karravan means that, if all were put on this topic for the Lakshmi Movie Makers 'Das' second film, after the film, which I will act. 

I like the director based on his comedy I'm fan of Sura. 

I have never heard a story like that ciriyasakattan will ennaipparric. Suraj told me this story when I heard laughing. 

I do not like centilkumarukkup pecinale camera man filming with Trisha. Ready to be shot immediately alaipparkaranam poramaiyalla, say, took that much faster. 

There are better action sequences. The boy's master Master Dinesh Hari. The first did not take the trust has been stunning. 

This is my third film with Trisha Trisha asking feels like you so much? Following that natikkirirkale. I doubt very much pitikkumit Yes Trisha itilenna mistake? Trisha good friend to me. He is clearly the case. I like the clarity 

Trisha and I've been traveling for ten to twelve years in the cinema. He has acted in Tamil so far in the role in which to act. Get a good name for him. Another actress who plays the good keraktartan ancalikkuk. 

Anjali Anjali would be better if I was recommended. Others 
If the film is a film which has appeared in 10 commercial test trial natipparkalancali 10 plays in the film. In a film's commercial mattumta plays. Prabhu understand, pal, someone in the family model in which he is acting as my father. 
Moreover, Suri is well acted. He will become the next comedy superstar. 

Starring Vivek has seen Sir ego. "I acted with him after Kumaran makalatcumikkup San App. I learned a lot. 

This can not be dismissed as a mere comedy film. Says the most important thing in a good story. Joint family still live together as husband and wife for 10 years seems nodded. 

Wedding organization today is on the swings. The best answer is that there is hope, she said. Our strengths marriage, is said to be a family. 
Likes to all the film I acted as entire comedy '' Thus spoke Jayam Ravi. 

While speaking on the occasion, Director Suraj
"I took katalkatai between kametitan failed to come. Now we have to do terintataic. 

Jayam Ravi's 'Romeo and Juliet' love story. The impending 'tanioruvan' aksankatai. This is a totally kametikatai. 

Offbeat connenkataiyaik Jayam Ravi asked him, he told me the next day's results. If you ask me, the reason I said that I took the time to apply. Trisha will wriggling role. In tribute to the peaceful character will come. 

Go a step further in Suri comedy film starring Sir, this is my friendship with Vivek acted in the bud. He moved at the theater half an hour coming. 

Many people did not hear. Eviem gave us the title. Saravanan thank them. '' He said. 

Speaking on the occasion, Trisha '' This is my third film with ravi. . Pitikkumtamil me always, this is my new character comedy, '' he said. 

Ancali speech, '' shooting was fun. Beautiful character for me. The cinematographer has made ​​attractive to me. '' He said. 

Show cinematographer Yu, kecentilkumar producers Q Muralitharan, M. Gokul Krishnan. Tiesrankarajan, V. Swaminathan, Chitra Letchumanan, master chief Dinesh Hari, editor arkecelva, songwriter Annamalai also spoke. 

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