Monday, 2 November 2015

Charmi Asks For Marriage, Trisha Says Yes

Discussions between heroines could be quite interesting when they talk about personal stuff and about their hot favourites. This time its the turn of hot beauties Trisha Krishnan and her best friends gang, heroines Charmi, Nikeesha Patel. 

When Nikeesha is complimenting Trisha for her pink-saree look, which she sported at a shop opening today, Charmi asked, "thats how pretty u ll look after u get married Trish.. can I marry u??". What would have our dusky Chennai hottie replied for this hot Telugu heroine? "Charmssss its gona come down to that only... n my answer will always be YES", said Trisha, laughing big, from the bottom of her heart. 

Even for a joke, same sex marriage is illegal in India, dear girls. But still it could be noticed how close Trisha and Charmi are, when it comes to friendship and bonding, as they flaunt it on social networks.

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