Monday, 2 November 2015

Sexy Sonal Should Change Her PA

Sonal Chauhan. All of a sudden this forgotten beauty became a craze in Telugu industry, thanks to her bikini stints in almost every movie. From Legend to Pandaga Chesko and Sher, her glamour always became the talking point. Here is what industry is saying about her.
Before anyone would forget her flop movie ‘Sher’, Sonal is now arriving with ‘Size Zero’ very soon. Undoubtedly she will be flashing her tempting curves for silver screen and size zero lovers again. But what is lacking in this hot lady, which is not making her a super star despite having some good hits on her back. It’s her “Plastic Acting”, says industry people. At any cost, Sonal should give up this only-glamour mode and deliver performances which audiences will talk about.
For now, there is neither expression nor any different body language in Sonal, which would attract masses along with glamour. So, if she could work out on her plastic-acting, she will be the next best thing to watch out.

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