Friday, 19 August 2016

6 International awards winning Tamil movie

 Director Arun ChidambaramKanavu Variyam

has won recognitions from India, USA, China, Korea, Russia, Italy, Ukraine and Kenya.


‘Kanavu Variyam’ is a movie that must be watched with kids and family. Kanavu Variyam,

a commercial entertainer based on Power-cuts in villages across Tamil Nadu and a movie that will be loved

by kids had its Asian Premiere in June at 19th Shanghai International Film Festival, China.

Kanavu Variyam received an amazing response from the audience with 4

packed shows.


Kanavu Variyamwas Selected by Asian New Media Film Festival conducted in Busan Cinema Hall,

South Korea. The organizing committee invited Director Arun Chidambaram to the film festival in Busan,


Russia Invites

Kanavu Variyamis SELECTED for Screening in International Motivational Film Festival BRIDGE

OF ARTS in Russia scheduled from Aug 24-28. Director Arun Chidambaram has been invited to attend

the film festival by IMFF BRIDGE OF ARTS and the festival sponsoring all expenses (travel and stay).

Director Arun Chidambaram is leaving to Russia on Aug 23rd.


Korea, Italy, Ukraine, Kenya Recognizes

Moreover, ‘Kanavu Variyam’ has been Selected for screening at

1.    ‘15th Pyonyang International Film Festival’ in North Korea scheduled from Sep 16-23

2.    ‘International Children’s Film Festival’ in Ukraine scheduled from Sep 21-24

3.    ‘67th Montecatini International Film Festival’ in Italy scheduled from Oct 6-9

4.    ‘11th Lola Kenya Screen Film Festival’ in Kenya scheduled in Dec


Awards List

‘Kanavu Variyam’ has won 6 International awards and recognitions from 8 countries till date. Below

is the list of awards won by ‘Kanavu Variyam’.


1.    'Platinum Remi' award' for best Theatrical Feature Film  at 49th WorldFest-Houston, USA  

2.    'Silver Remi Award' for a song ('STONE OR SAND') featuring in the film at

49th WorldFest-Houston, USA

3.    'Audience Favorite movie' at 49th WorldFest.-Houston, USA

4.    ‘Special Jury Award’ from the National Science Film Festival, organized by the Govt. of India

5.    Winner at 17th Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival, USA

6.    Winner at Los Angeles Film & Script Festival, USA

Apart from playing the lead role and directing the movie, Arun has written the Story, Screenplay,

Dialogues and Lyrics for Kanavu Variyam.


Arun Chidambaram, Writer and Director of the movie 'Kanavu Variyam,' completed his Masters in

USA and worked for JP Morgan Chase in Chicago. Arun quit his lucrative job in United States and returned

to Chennai, India to pursue his dream and passion in Cinema. Arun has also won personal accolades

from the former President of India Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam. 


Arun, is the son of 'Aanazhagan' Dr.A.Chidambaram, an Indian Sportsman, US trained Physical Culturist 

and a pioneer in the field of Physical Culture in Southern India for more than 4 decades.


Kanavu Variyam is produced by Dr.A.Chidambaram and Karthik Chidambaram in the banner

of DCKAP Cinemas. Kanavu Variyam, an entertaining movie that must be watched with kids

received an amazing response from audience and kids worldwide during its premiere.

Kanavu Variyam is expected to hit the screens in Tamil Nadu very soon.

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