Saturday, 13 August 2016

​​​MRF MMSC FMSCI Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship

 Jagan Kumar won a close race edging out Kannan Subramaniam as TVS Racing made a clean sweep in the Super Sport Indian Group 135cc to 165cc race in the second round of the MRF MMSC FMSCI National Motorcycle Racing championship at MMRT track near here, on Saturday.

Starting from pole, Jagan managed to take the top spot while Kannan had to be content with a second place. KY Ahamed finished third to complete a sweep for TVS Racing.

In the Pro-Stock 165cc race, Hari Krishnan R of Honda Ten 10 Racing took a comfortable lead to push teammate Rajiv Sethu R to second spot. D Dinesh Kumar of RACR prevented a Honda Ten 10 sweep pipping Mithun Kumar for the third place.

Rockstar Racing won the top three places in Super Sport Indian, Group 300 to 400cc Open Race with Ami V Poedeooijen leading the pack. Abhishek V came second followed by Siddhanth K.

Antony Peter of Performance Racing won the Race 1 in Stock 165 class while Joseph Mathew of Sparks Racing finished second with Piyuth Ranjan of Pro Lap Racing taking the third spot.

Deepak Ravikumar won the Superbikes 600cc to 1000cc support race. The day’s programme was curtailed due to rains leading to postponement of two races to Sunday.

The results (Provisional, all six laps unless mentioned):

National Championship – Super Sport Indian, Group 135 to 165cc (Race 1): 1.K Jagan (TVS Racing) (12 min, 04.192 sec.); 2. Kannan Subramaniam (TVS Racing) (12:04.313); 3.KY Ahamed (TVS Racing) (12:05.191).

Super Sport Indian, Group 300-400cc Open (Race 1): 1.Ami Van Poedeooijen (Rockstar Racing) (12:03.501); 2.Abhishek V (Rockstar Racing) (12:21.117); 3.Siddhanth K (Rockstar Racing) (12:56.535).

Pro Stock 165 (Race 1): 1.Hari Krishnan R (Honda Ten 10 Racing) (12:42.194); 2.Rajiv Sethu R (Honda Ten 10 Racing) (12:45.190); 3.D Dinesh Kumar (RACR) (12:49.523).

Stock 165 (Race 1): 1.Antony Peter (Performance Racing) (13:14.258); 2.Joseph Mathew P (Sparks Racing) (13:21.952); 3.Piyush Ranjan (Pro Lap Racing) (13:27.495).

TVS Apache RTR 200 (Open, Race 1): 1.Kannan K (Chennai) (13:12.056); 2.S Vivek Pillai (Chennai) (13:17.353); 3.Arvind Ganesh R (Chennai) (13:21.577).

TVS Apache RTR 200 (Novice, Race 2, 4 laps): 1.Yashas RL (Bangalore) (09:09.408); 2.Aditya Rao Immaneni (Bangalore) (09:12.143); 3.Kamran Alam (Patna) (09:12.264.

Honda-MMSC CBR 250 (Open, Race 1): 1.Mathana Kumar S (Ten 10 Racing) (12:28.047); 2.Rajiv S (Ten 10 Racing) (12:32.927); 3.S Sivanesan (Coimbatore Racing Academy) (12:36.211).

Suzuki Gixxer Cup (Open, Race 2): 1.R Rajinikanth (Chennai) (13:36.688); 2.Vivian Gladwin (Kanpur) (13:37.359); 3.Vishwadev Murleedharan (Coimbatore) (13:39.738).

Suzuki Gixxer Cup (Novice, Race 1, 4 laps): 1.Amarnath Rajan (Chennai) (09:04.774); 2.Antony Peter (Coimbatore) (09:05.213); 3.Jeseph Mathew (Chennai) (09:06.261).

Support Races – Superbikes (600cc-1000cc, Race 1): 1.Deepak Ravikumar (Chennai) (11:25.208); 2.Sandesh Prassana (Bangalore) (11:28.171); 3.Siddhanth Koundinya (Bangalore)11:53.689).

Honda Ladies Race (4 laps): 1.Soundari A (Chennai) (09:47.668); 2.Pooja Ajit Dabhi (Pune) (09:48.009); 3.Aishwarya P (Bangalore) (09:48.316).

Alisha Abdullah Racing Academy Ladies Race (4 laps): 1.Olesya V Dias (Goa) (10:06.803); 2.Aishwarya M (Coimbatore) (10:15.357); 3.SRRajeshwari (Salem) (10:16.984).

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