Monday, 7 September 2015

Unakkenna venum sollu Movie Poster

Unakkenna venum sollu

'Unakkenna venum sollu' has been hitting the top of the popularity charts not only for horror genre but also for the sentimental angle attached to it.The trade circles are buzz with the energy this film had created.The trailer launch was received with great reception and the film is all set to target September 17th as the release date.
Director Srinath Ramalingam keen enough to portray 'Unakkenna venum sollu' as a film of various genres is now targetting the younger audience with the romantic angle. Here is the situation which demands the song.
'Karthik and Judy begins their friendship through a strange phone call. Karthik who always have motive to date women invites judy for a casual meet up. During their first coffee date he genuinely falls in love with Judy's innocence. 28 year old divorcee who admits and opens up about her miserable past also shares her excitement on raising an 8 year old daughter Daisy. The entire song is based on genuine expressions of a Single man and a divorcee who is internally struggling with a medical trauma'.The song will be released on line by Sunday.

Tell me what you want! 

'What do you want! Tell' teaser or preview right outside the day-to-all hook varukiratupey era, published in the ghost movie, except that, sentiments also plentiful in this film love has to establish that the director Srinath Ramalingam, now in the picture, the one of the song's original source explains, .

'Karthik comes Judy accidentally introduced by a telephone call. Karthik guy who yearns for a woman's use of this opportunity to meet Judi. The place was 28-year-old Judy's explicit speech, and beauty, with her on top of her 8-year-old daughter Daisy is deceived by the love. At the moment, his mind kontak to Judd's love song that describes the location. For a single person, the mind and the smell of broken Gay pennukkul disastrous events caused by changes to the song .. The song was followed by "Tell me what you want," explains the director Srinath Ramalingam said. 

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