Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Siva Balan alias Appu kutty Stills

My name Shiva Appu Kutty palan anymore.

Until recently, it was the National Award winning film Appu Kutty dressed in fashionable neo errirata even took pictures of smoke. His clothes or fashionable modern appearance rather than encouraging him to take the pictures making up the surprise.
Yes, the actor Ajit kumartan he was photographed smoking image expert.

'Heroism during the shooting of my brother Ajit sir appearance all kinds of films in the coming one will be detrimental to your growth. Look at the picture and change the look of the film as possible. Besides images, the stories, starring the folk in the city insisted that the change in appearance. All of whom mattuvanka me sir, sir, whom I heard that the film pitippanka. Answer with a smile, who called me a few days ago, on the 29th priya If you would tell me. I said bye. Where, what, what to ask. He then said that the interest in coming to the place, he put me to shoot porarnu smoke. Ennana surprising than that, my contours, sew the clothes are perfectly tailored system, high-quality accessories, the best cosmetic devices, such as myself, to summon the Private oppanaiyalarkal piramata was nod. Mutave yet not surprised pilantavan mouth. I asked to adopt a name other than the name Siva Balan know that he invited me. Others said the same call. I no longer wanted my name gets called appukkuttienre Sivapalan hand the photographer as he showed such commitment, professional excellence that inspired me .. Photos taken ecstasy did not talk to me after watching it. It is a great privilege it is for me an unforgettable day for me Sivapalan alias Appu Kutty said.

Call me Balan ... Siva balan says Appukutty

Sivabalan Aka Appu Kutty was looked to be so marveled and animated during his photoshoot that took place recently. Who can be just floored when you are photographed by the man who is a celebrated photographer Mr. Ajith Kumar himself.

The National award winning actor Sivabalan who was seen in a Majestic Bond look expressed his joy on being photographed by Mr. Ajith Kumar "Since 'Veeram' time Ajith sir used to tell me that I have to do different characters that would match my acting skills. Once I told him that my look is one of the main reasons that pushing away from many good characters. Ajith sir arranged a photoshoot, designed the stylish outfits and arranged special stylist for me. I was astonished to see himself as the photographer. That moment was ultimate for me. "

"Apart from this, He also told me that I have to be called by my paternal name Sivabalan from now on since this name looks more powerful. I was little embarrassed when Ajith sir was waiting for me with the Camera as if I am a big star. But he was so thrilled and happy to call me as Sivabalan as if he is just a photographer.
When we bid adieu to him Saying "Thanks Appukutty 'the actor quipped at us" Call me Balan ... Siva balan ". After all, It was exciting.

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