Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sh a re screen with the legendary SPB is a bliss says Arjun Chidambaram




The young vibrant team of 'Moone Moonu Vaarthai' is all gear ed up to release their movie on June 26th. The romantic comedy film has been produced by SP Charan for Capital Film Works and directed by Madhumitha. With a mix of new comers and expertise in the cast the team is all set to entertain the audience soon.

Debutant Arjun Chidambaram, one of the leads in the film excited about his first film. "I play a character named Arjun a boy next door character who urges to achieve big and prove himself. It made ​​me so comfortable to get along with the role. I was so nervous to act with SPB sir and Lakshmi Madam. I used to call SPB sir "Thaaths" since he plays my Grandfather in the film. I had actually wanted to perform for a song sung by SPB sir, though he had sung only for a montage song in this film. I wish in my forth coming films at least i can have his song for me. Spending time with this legends is like reading double encyclopedia. The three words i like to say is 'I am happy' says the erstwhile theatre artist, Arjun.
"The transformation from a stage performer to acting before camera was bit tough yet It was a beautiful learning experience. Director told me to observe Venky my co-star, who taught me lot on acting and grooming up myself as a screen actor. "Says Arjun.
"As a debutant I would like to thank my director and producer for all the trust and tolerance they had towards me."Adds the young actor.

Three word mune - Arjun

Capital Film Works SP Charan and produced by the director Madhumita driver 'mune three word' movie coming on June 26th. Romantic comedy film starring newcomers in preparing for, being plunged into the veterans that everyone happy with their performance "mune three word 'crew.

Chidambaram artist Arjun stage debut as the lead in the aforesaid subject, said of his character "   The houses in our neighborhood something to look at any regularly the role of Arjun who want catittita   Acted. Nijattilum conformity with the character and fits easily in the casting because it was easy. Laxmi SPB sir and madam, with the casting of the first day was very tense. SPB sir, as my grandfather is in the picture with him, 'tats' call that pampered. Now accustomed to it.

"SPB sir song to pretend that desire was, however, in the film, one Montez hymn sung. My next films ikkanavu fulfilled hope. SPB sir, Lakshmi Madam both perceiving the whole encaikkiloppitiya reading was like. Patting each other on the cast in between I acted up and give . Now I know, "mune three word" happy, happy, happy, "he said with a smile, Arjun.
"Stage acting from acting in front of the camera, took some time to learn the nuances.    However, no role in the movie with me and taught me the things that have been performed Vengikal. "
 "Keep faith with me, lead me to tolerate my mistakes, my director will introduce Madhumita thank them," Arjun said that the young protagonist.

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