Thursday, 5 May 2016

24" - shook Surya, the famous cinematographer

"24" in the fact that Surya played three roles, to take the risk   Cinematographer Mr.
Kattuirunten good movie .. "24," passed it.
PC's disciple Thirunavakarasu (a) Mr puts "Women Only" as a cameraman of the film by introducing global hero Kamal. "Hey Ram", "Aalavandhan", "Flirting Flirting", that served as cinematographer for films lined Kamal. Kanchivaram directed by Priyadarshan, whose identity in Hindi marrroru "Garam Masala", "pulpukalya", "Aakrosh", "Krrish 3" is the answer to that worked as a cameraman for melmeka budget Hindi films has been India's most famous photographer. Surya published within six years after the "24" arrived in Tamil through the film again.
He spoke about Surya ......
"Surya anyone other than the manufacturer," 24 "is not ended so easy to shoot freely in the good shooting position as a producer group, all of which are required for supplying the integrating encouraged.
Although they are of a movie dedicated to all hirokkalume Surya is a further step in the implementation of Practical his tetikkecanai villain "atreya". Take a risk and played the role of villain, Surya.
It is the most developed in the technology of cinema to cinema today ullatuan mikavumperiya challenges associated with modern technology in order to apply the stories to help .. but the technology was well executed "24" plot iyakkunar   Vikram Kumar was the special feature of the complex script.
Why did the six-year period in a Tamil film by asking hinti paniyarrikontiruntat timeout I was waiting for a movie to be good, although a reason truth.After nostalgia "24" - in front niraiveriyullatuitarku Vikram Kumar whenever he invited me to the movies   He did not have time to work with, Vikram Kumar told me when I tell the story, tell the story of how he listened attentively   Offbeat said after completing the reply telling a cell poniltayal doing kontiruntenanta a minute what he was telling me the answer without a word, the phone takes care kontirukkirare his mind varuttappattirukkalaman I called.Mother Surya told him, sir story and asked me mikavumpitittu vittatuen this to make the picture Vikram Kumar had said that to the presence and gave so much satisfaction.   When the picture is now fully satisfied that doubled. Innovation will not give a good image in the minds of fans, the new professional satisfaction of being taken advantage of nutpayuttikal "24" would have been for me

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