Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sarath Kumar to ride in 600cc class of Asian RRC

 With active support from WOW Digit HK, India’s Sarath Kumar will make his debut in the Super Sports 600cc class of the 2016 FIM Asia Road Racing Championship this weekend.

The 24-year old Chennai-based rider, who has competed in the Asia Dream Cup in the past, will join the ARRC in the second round to be held at the Chang International Circuit in Buriram, Thailand, on May 8-9 after missing the first round in Johor, Malaysia, in April due to a knee injury.

Thanks to Mr John Sudheer, Director, True Pursuit Global Management, who introduced WOW Digit HK to support Sarath Kumar in the ARRC, the Indian’s move to the 600cc class comes after riding smaller motorcycles for four years.

Sarath’s team-mates at Team T.Pro Yuzy Honda NTS Racing are Japanese riders Tomoyoshi Koyama and Taiga Hada, both with plenty of skill and experience.

On facilitating support for Sarath’s ARRC campaign, Sudheer said: “India as a country has always been very cricket-centric and I believe we have much more talent in India in other sports also. So when I heard about Sarath, his talent and performance in the international series, I decided to support him. It will be great pride to see India in the Asian level championship.  

“I know WOW Digit personally and it is an upcoming brand across Asia. So I brought them on board as a main sponsor for the team. They saw an immediate synergy with ARRC as it travels to different parts of Asia that are our key markets. Although WOW Digit does not have a direct connect with moto racing, the excitement of racing and the viewership across Asia will give the brand a good reach. So, it’s a win-win situation.”

On his expectations from Sarath, Sudheer said: “We now know that the class is competitive from what we saw during the first round in Johor, Malaysia, and as long as he participates in the right spirit and learns the techniques this season, we will be proud of an Indian participation,” Sudheer said.

Sarath Kumar said: “This is a big opportunity. I have been riding 250cc for long now, but my bodyweight and height were becoming a disadvantage. Hence, this was the only move I could make and thanks to my team Honda, Mr John Sudheer, Ten10 Racing and WOW Digit, this opportunity has come at the right time.

“It is one the toughest grid in the World today, maybe even tougher than World Super Sport, but ARRC will provide a great platform for me to work hard, ride and learn from the best in Asia. Having missed the first round due to knee injury that I am still recovering from, it is going to be a tough task to catch up and learn the bike and get up to pace.

“Since 2011 in World Championship, I have always been involved in international racing, thanks to Ramji Govindarajan of Ten10 Racing who has been working hard to keep my international career going for so many years. However, this switch is critical to my racing career as this will define my future in international racing.

“I want to thank Mr John Sudheer whose support helped put an Indian in the Asia Championship. WOW Digit is a new era brand and will be great to work with them and promoting and carrying their brand with us across Asia.

“Also Ten10 Racing has been the backbone in my racing career, being beside me even during tough times and injuries. Vinoth Kannan of Ten10 Racing has been constantly working with me on my fitness and Ramji Govindarajan has been mentoring me for so many years to make me a professional racer that I am today. I will always be indebted to Ten10 Racing.” 

The 2016 ARRC Calendar is:

Round 1 – Johor Circuit, Malaysia, April 1-2 (completed); Round 2 – Chang International Circuit, Thailand, May 7-8; Round 3 – Suzuka Circuit, Japan, June 4-5; Round 4 – Sentul Circuit, Indonesia, August 6-7; Round 5 – Buddh International Circuit, India, October 1-2; Round 6 – Chang International Circuit, Thailand, December 3-4.

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