Thursday, 12 May 2016

Tollywood actor Uday sent to Erragadda hospital

Tollywood actor Nanduri Uday Kiran has been taken to the Mental Health Hospital at Erragadda for drug-induced psychosis and severe withdrawal symptoms.  Chanchalguda Jail superintendent B. Saidiah said, “He was uncontrollable and difficult to be handled in jail. He had become very aggressive. Court permission has been taken to send him into care.”Kiran was arrested by Jubilee Hills police and booked under Goonda Act on April 25. The Facebook film actor attacked hotel staff and  damaged property when he was refused entry into a city hotel. He has other criminal cases against him too. Police suspect Kiran has been a habitual user of drugs. According to sources, his personality shifts from calm to violent within seconds. Doctors say the treatment could take up to six weeks.

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