Saturday, 23 July 2016

Actor Surya fans 2 year anniversary of his birth after the break, met yesterday

To mark his birthday and met the fans yesterday after 2-year hiatus 
. Sri wise to keep the wedding hall event in Chennai nataiperratuivvila Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Mumbai come from about 10, 
The fans were present.

Speaking on the occasion, Surya, in honor of my birthday after a two year hiatus and became my favorite racikarkalakiya Pleased to meet you. Racikarkalakiya in a very special way all of you are doing causes me pride and joy. But first of all your mother, father, family and the profession you want to be the first priority. If you are involved in charitable works council then enough for everything. So far 20, 
Surya Government Blood Bank provides blood to others, which is a tremendous achievement. Commends the Government of Madras valankappattullacanritalai maruttuvamanaiyiliruntu saw us. It is really perumaikkuriya. This time you donate blood in honor of my birthday, Anna donate sapling planting, special prayers in the temple and have been involved in charitable work, thanks to everyone ..

Similarly, you have to help the education of all children. If a child's education is not only a country benefiting from a family. So all you need to help children's education. Late planting sapling planted sapling to stand is one of the tasks involved. Yes, today you pass the tree growing calf standing in the rain to give time for planting trees. All you have to respect the rules of the road as well, very carefully, without disrupting others said that you have to drive the vehicles.

Delicious food given to all the fans who came to the ceremony. Surya to all the fans, who took the photo. Pandian Rajasekhara ceremony, attended by King nanavel.

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