Friday, 22 July 2016

Kabali movie tickets Kasi theatre sells to corporates, fans remove banners to protest

Kasi theatre is always considered a temple to see Superstar Rajinikanth's films on a first day first show. Fans usually spend lakhs of rupees bursting crackers and hoisting banners for Thalaivar. Same was the situation on the day of Kabali's release. Fans started their celebrations by 7pm the night before.Situation took a turn for the worse when the usually allotted FDFS tickets were unable to reach the fans, most eagerly waiting the tickets. For the first time in 40 years Kasi theater owners have allegedly sold the FDFS tickets to non Rajinikanth fans,sparking a major protest. Rajinikanth fans after waiting hopefully 12pm finally decided to remove the banners as a mark of protest against what has occurred.Disappointment was visible in nearly 500 Rajinikanth fans who were waiting outside the theater.It was a sad scene to see Thalaivar's massive banners being removed, but carefully carried by fans so that it doesn't get torn as they still love the superstar.Kasi theater, the one place that stayed as a sanctuary to many Rajinikanth fans, seems to have fallen for corporate greed and lost its sheen.

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