Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Cinema Is Superstar Rajinikanth is not the biggest superstar

One can always trust veteran actor Nana Patekar to speak his mind and heart about anything and everything he's asked or he's concerned about. Recently, the critically acclaimed actor gave a statement about Rajinikanth and why he feels that the latter is not the biggest superstar of Indian cinema. We know Nana's statement might not go down too well with the billions of Rajini fans out there, considering his latest release 'Kabali' has smashed many records, but here's what Nana's point of view about an actor's superstardom is. The 'Welcome Back' star feels that more than the actor, it's the film which is always a bigger superstar. A good film can make an actor a star and a superstar is what Nana feels.The 'Natsamrat' actor further said that a commercially successful star can only pull the audience to the theatres but if the film is not good then even the biggest star cannot save it from sinking at the box office. Nana feels that an actor is as good as his film and reiterated that major emphasis needs to be given to good writing, which yesteryear writer duo Salim-Javed always did. The actor feels that if the script is good then even a new actor can make it work at the box 

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