Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Just because Jallikatu is old doesn't mean it's justified August 30 as the final hearing

The Supreme Court said on Tuesday it has set August 30 as the final hearing date to decide on the constitutionality of Jallikattu, but it asserted it disapproves of arguments that the sport should be allowed because it's centuries old.

"By this logic should courts allow child marriage, which too was a part of custom for centuries," the top court asked. "The mere presence of tradition can't justify practices," the court said.The court's strong response was after Tamil Nadu argued that Jallikattu - the mostly southern bull-racing sport - should be permitted as it showcases a cultural tradition that has been part of the custom and culture of people of the state for 5,000 years.The top court said that on August 30, it will begin hearing on whether the so-called sport violates the constitution.In fact, the Supreme Court already banned Jallikattu once, in May 2014. AT the time it said bulls could not be used as performing animals, either for Jallikattu or for bullock-cart races.In January, the Centre allowed the 'sport' in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. It was seen as a pre-state election manoeuvre; state elections were held in Tamil Nadu in May.Days after the Centre allowed it, in January, the Supreme Court put Jallikattu on hold. It issued notices to the Centre and other states asking them to file their responses in four weeks, to petitions challenging the central government's notification allowing Jallikattu and bullock-cart races.

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