Wednesday, 20 July 2016

To Wed or not to Wed’ – Culture Machine’s latest web series ‘Ctrl + Alt + Dlt’ on the digital channel ‘Put Chutney’ is based on this pertinent thought!

It does not matter if you are from North or South, one thing that Indian parents are obsessed with is getting their kids married! In a diverse country like India, people may get differentiated basis their cultures, traditions, language or even their way of living, but when it comes to emotions, we are no different from each other. And that’s what Culture Machine’s latest web series on their popular digital channel ‘Put Chutney’ is all about.

The Eight part series titled ‘Ctrl + Alt + Dlt’ revolves around a 27-year old well educated middle class boy named Gautham. A software engineer by profession, Gautham has just begun to enjoy his life when the pressure to get married hits him from all corners of the society. Everywhere he goes, he’s posed with only one question “When are you getting married?” But the truth is that Gautham does not want to get married for two reasons – One, he wants to travel and save money to make his dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true and Two, he thinks ‘arranged marriage’ is not ‘cool’ and he wants only a love marriage. But the problem is that he does not have a girlfriend! The series unfolds with hilarious and very relatable experiences that Gautham encounters as he struggles to fight off the pressure to get married!

Join Gautham in this hilarious journey starting …….

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