Monday, 25 July 2016

Inspector General Rajan Bargotra, Commander Coast Guard Region (East)

We ahve carried out a linear search and side by side
Once the search was done closer to th exposition we knew,  watch was expanded based on the
Last 4 days the search operation has been extended over an area is 120 by 120 nautical
Miles and another 300 nautical

Search ops are variable , we are looking on all directions

As of now, we have 13 naval vessels and 2 coast guard ships apart from the vessels from port Blair , sorties by IAF Joint ops by all three services

Outcome: we have not found any debris or survivors

We are picking up some items but they don't belong to the aircraft
Presently the search is continuous f based on the inputs recieved we are keeping our search areas open We are taking help from INCOIS , Isro , niot and nrsa

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